Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Practice towing

We've been practice towing today. I think we are both pretty proficient. 
We borrowed a trailer from the nephew who lives down the road. Gotta love them nephews. 
He will get get it back in one piece.

Don't you think VAN DEL is clever for a blog post label.

I do. 

I'll be using it as a label when I blog about our caravan trips. Got us a portapotti today, eventually, from Big W, cheapest in town. Also got us a portable UHF. It doesn't have to be fitted to the vehicle, which is good because I can't see any place to fix it in the car anyway. Aa and a kettle for a gas ring. Haven't had one of them for years. Whistle and all. Apart from the nudge bar and the towing mirrors, we're set to go. 

I'm bushed. Whew! Time for an iced tea. 

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