Sunday, November 30, 2014

27/11/14 Fraser Range to Esperance.

27/11/14 Fraser Range to Esperance
300+ Kms.
8:00am start. 
What a blustery night. Van was moving like an old rocking horse. I worried all night that the gum tree nearby would  drop a  branch on us.  Everytime a gum nut or twig landed on our roof I damned near pissed myself, not hard to do when you are 'holding on a bit longer' during the night so you don't have to go out to the amenities block in the dark. We both woke up  early, yes folks, even me, and I took a photo of the coming up over the hill behind us at 5:50 am just to prove it to you.

And we promptly drew the curtains closed again and went back to sleep, at that point deciding to stay here for another night because we considered it just too windy to risk towing today. Around 7:30 we woke again to a much calmer day,  so after a quick breakfast of yoghurt and oatmeal biscuits we packed up, stowed away, and locked down and double checked in record time, we are getting so good at this, and the fridge is STILL cold. 

Pulled up at Norseman for a break, fuel and  bacon and egg breakfast. Finally. Now this breakfast has been long in coming. Our first plan on leaving Dubbo was to have a big breakfast at a truckie service station hopefully before Parkes. Well, it never happened. Didn't see a food stop anywhere, so gave up on the idea and starved until maccas in Parkes where we had to settle for a chicken wrap. A poor substitution. Was chatting to the young woman serving at the BP in Norseman and found out that she arrived here about a week ago from Blacktown, Sydney. She was saying what a culture shock it has been to her to go from anything and everything available 24/7 to only the BP open and nothing else after 5pm

As we neared Esperance we saw a hill! Out here that's a big event. I took a photo. Dirty windscreen I'm afraid.

All the trip along the Coolgardie - Esperance highway, we chased a big storm. We didn't get wet but the road was. Big puddles laying every where. 
We booked into a caravan park right thru town, down by the docks, it's only a small park and you can hear the elaborate clock tower at the dock toll the time. (Not all you can hear, but not to worry, the occasional train clanking by a block away and a toot every now and then is not a bother, it adds to the adventure)

It didn't take us long to set up camp this time, and we have connected the water to the van for the first time. The new food quality hose and fittings work fine. But our black drainage hose does not fit our van's outlet and the hose would not have gone all the way to the drain anyway so we are collecting anything that goes down the sink in a bucket. Another drive thru site thank goodness but Rod was so sick of me telling him where to go that he decided it was better to tell me where to go and let me park the van. I could have got closer to the slab but it'll do. No way was I going to do the usual multiple manoeuvres he does. And I didn't.

Then we went shopping for vittles and for a paddle at the beach right there at the bottom of town. Did my walk for the day along a beach.  Bliss! A longer walk than usual. I am happy. I will be sore. I am prepared. Zen herbal liniment came with us.
We love Esperance. It's a beautiful white and blue place. Healthy looking kids and pleasant people of all different shades. Quite a few Kiwis and Sth Africans. Could easily ask our nephew to pack up the house in Dubbo for us and send it all here, but the prices are a bit over the top. Next door to the caravan park is a fibro house in poor nick on about a 1/5 acre for more than $500k. Bit steep considering you would reall only be paying for the land which is too close to the docks to be in a prestigious position. Tell him he's joking! 
Went for a drive along the Great Ocean Drive and back into town but we will have to do it again as we forgot to take the camera or iPad or phone.
Sausages, fried tomato, salad and spuds for tea and a couple of glasses of Pinot Gris for me and here it is 7:30 and we are ready for bed.

And the fridge is still working.

26/11/14 Madura to Fraser Range

26/11/14 Madura to Frasers Range caravan park = 427km.
Our clock says 4:30 am. Yikes! It's already day light and crows calling out and all. We think our Dubbo crows Graham and Russell have followed us. These two seem very at home with us. 
Had to ask at the desk as we left to find out that it is 6:30 Eucla Time zone, which we think is the same as central aussie time. 
Aaaannnnd the fridge is still cold. Even managed to freeze the little bottles of water in the freezer. Happy dance here. But we still don't trust it. Will have to buy another bag of ice today. Bastard fridge.
Beautiful day, absolutely magic! As we drive along Australia's longest straight stretch of road, 99kms, yawn, there's not much different to see except that there are now more australian acacia trees.  So we have a little talk about them cause I had read up on them last night. I happened to be driving when we came upon the first bend in the road after what seemed like forever of straight. It was quite and event! Yaaaaay! A corner a corner! We found out later that it is really longer than that. 
And we keep seeing another unusual sight. 
Rock toddlers, at the side of the road. Well that's what we are calling them cause that's what they look like just sitting there on the edge of the scrub sitting at the side of the road. Someone has gathered up stones into a pile resembling a small human and dressed them! Fair go, they look like little kids sitting waiting for a bus. Freaked me out, the first one I saw. The way the road was built up and the closeness you are when you recognise one made it impossible to pull up for a photo. Sorry.
We stopped at Cocklebiddy for fuel., the place we didn't get to yesterday. Not much of a caravan area as such, so Madura was a good choice. The service station attendant was a nice guy. Big tall guy. Reminded me of Nathan, our son. We got chatting and he was a bit upset because he was heading to Esperance today as  the vet  has told him its best to put his 14 year old pit bull/Labrador to sleep. So, we talked dogs for a while. And then about things in general. He has big plans for the service station, he's only been there 10 months. Came down from Cairns. 
Uneventful drive over the rest of the plains to Balladonia Hotel/roadhouse where we stopped for fuel, food, cappuchino, ice and another big container of drinking water. There's a drought on here and they are trucking in water from Norseman about 180kms down the road, so their drinking water taps are locked off for now. Four clocks on the wall all telling a different time. Had to reset our clocks again, pick a time, any time, lol. so now we are on Perth time. Yep, we're sure of that. Which right then was showing my wake up time when on east coast time. And we have been driving for a few hours! Well, nearly 400 kilometers worth anyway. Talk about mucking the body clock up! Fair dinkum! 

^ this is another treeless area. Windscreen is a bit dirty. 

11:30 am arrived at Fraser Range Sheep Station and Caravan Park. All up, around 430 Kms today and it's still before lunch time if you're going by Perth time. Fraser Range is a working sheep property easily accessed off the Eyre Highway down a wide recently graded dirt road. Not a sheep to be seen or herd, (get it?) Choose your own site. All drive thru. Very very pleasant parking area and good clean well maintained amenities. I do so like loo doors that open out. So far it's living up to everything my EVERYTHING CARAVANNING AND CAMPING Facebook group friends and Wikicamps have told me. Once again, no taps at your site. You have to carry your own water. Or fetch it in a bucket from the amenities block. Apparently this is common all over these isolated caravan parks. Generator power. So please don't use your microwave and /or air conditioning unless you have to. Please limit your power use especially when lots of campers. Weeeellll, we thought, there's only three vans here so we'll have the ac on over lunch . . . . . . and we blew the power. How embarrassment. And I was laughing cause it was Rod's idea to have it on, not mine, for a change. 
It's costing us $80 for the site plus two dinners with dessert tonight. We were booked to go on a cheese and bickkies, wine and beer tour of the property at 3pm but they couldn't get enough people to make it worth while. Oh well, not a problem. Something to look forward to next time, cause I'm thinking there will be a next time. Nice breeze blowing now and we have both had a nap and are looking forward to socializing around the communal camp fire and dinner tonight. Better go find my crocs and brush my hair. 
Catcha later. 

^ view from the van door. There's two emus heading towards the tank in this photo.

^ Rod about to settle in for some nature watching.

^ amenities and playground.

^ the neighbors who have all pulled in after us.

There's no internet wifi signal here nor phone signal, apart from a sweet spot in the camp fire area which I'll probably have to line up for later, so I've been told so maybe I won't get to post any of this today. This too is common all over the more isolated areas of WA. 
Way to go Canberra, don't give a damn about the people out in the bush, they'll get by. 

PART 2 (not published with the above yet, no internet) 
No camp fire tonight, too windy.
Good company for dinner. Lasagne and a selection of salads followed by rice pudding and peaches. Good cook and a character of a cooks-helper, or Official Taster as he calls himself. Turns out they are the property owners, who'd have thunk it. A table full of the property workers just next to us. A wealth of information, told us a lot of the history of the property in a readers digest version over dinner. There's a school here too for the property kids. Quite a set up. Very much a flourishing concern before the water disappeared in the 70s. It's thought the earthquake they had south of Perth around that time altered the underground water source they were drawing off. It's still a going concern but now with alternative supplies, one of which is the quarry where they got the rock from for the all the old buildings on the property, which is now filling with water. Very surprised to hear that this is now a officially a cattle property with the first beasts being delivered here in October. Had a look thru an album full of old photos of the property and its people. 
The wind had got worse when we got back to the van. Had to wind some of the windows in. Rod's already asleep. I'm a bit worried about the gum trees near our camp site. Everyone says not to park under trees but sometimes it's not an option, this time we just weren't thinking. Falling limbs and all that sort of danger. I can hear gum nuts and twigs falling on and rolling across the roof. It sounds like a gunshot when they hit. I'm jumping out of my skin each time. Maybe I should wake Rod and get him to move the van . . . .. . Hmmmmm, 9pm, I don't think that would go down too well. But the locals were saying this wind is not going to last very long and we may get rain. That'll be good for them.
We're thinking of going all the way to Esperance tomorrow as its only 300 or so Kms, but . . . . . We might just decide to stay here another night. Someone on the net has suggested we go to Salmon Gums for tomorrow night, which I have found on the map but since I can't get any internet here tonight, I will have to wait until I am somewhere tomorrow to look up. 
So it's good night from me.

Friday, November 28, 2014

25/11/14 Ceduna SA to Madura WA, the big haul that wasn't planned.

25/11/14 Ceduna SA to Madura WA. 
A big long haul that wasn't planned. 
A beautiful day.
Missed the sun rise.
Fridge very cold but no frozen water bottles. 
Breakfast of toast with Devon/fritz and sauce cause I didn't bring any Vegemite or peanut butter
Filled up and on The road by 8:00 .
Undecided as to where we will stop tonight, aiming for Border Village or maybe Eucla. It surprises me that some vehicles coming from the west don't have their lights on, they tend to blend in with the road and with the shimmer on the road you can't see some of them until they are fairly close. Everyone is so well behaved with their driving. No foolish risk taking in evidence at all.  
This morning, we've been playing tag with another caravan that was in the caravan park last night.  We have stopped along the way and they have gone past us, then they stop and we go past. He called us on our UHF laughing about us managing pull out just ahead of him at Nullabour Roadhouse. We invited them to join us for lunch 20kms up the road. It was the first time someone has contacted us! How exciting! They didn't, just sailed on past tooting.
Took a couple of side trips to see the Bight. One road was so corrugated that 2 Kms in Rod did a very neat 15 point turn and headed back to the main road. He's never liked taking his cars over dirt roads. This time I had to agree with him. And I forgot to take the cameras to Lookout 1 so we are going to do it again on the way back. No whales today anyway and quite a few people all jockeying for that one 'perfect' spot to take the perfect photo. 
So we pushed on. 

Petrol price at Nullabour Roadhouse. 

Stopped for lunch at the rest stop 20 k west of the Nullabour Roadhouse. Rod broke out the Baby Q webber for the first time on this trip (After asking if we really needed to bring it when packing) and we cooked up all raw meat products and all the tomatoes and put them in the fridge which is STILL working, will wonders never cease, because there is another quarrentine station 150k ahead at Border Village, which we thought was much further away. This cook-up hint to save throwing out fresh food was learnt from the good people at EVERYTHING CARAVANING AND CAMPING Facebook group. 

Back on the road at 1 :45pm 

Once we finally spotted the Southern Ocean I got sooooo excited to see it! I have been wanting to do this for so long. It is just the most beautiful collection of blue colours. It refreshes my spirit. Managed to remember the camera for Lookout 2. A short good dirt road out to the lookout. And then a short walk on a paved path to the viewing area. 
^ looking west

^ looking east

^looking south

^looking north.

Lookout 3, a few Kms down the road

^ looking east

^ looking south

^ looking west

^looking sunburnt.

^didnt see any. 

Border Village surprised us. We were expecting a cluster of houses and some shops maybe, but it's just a motel, a service station and the quarantine station. All the way we have expected more residents at or near the roadhouses. Where did we get that idea from I wonder? We stopped at the bin to throw out some lettuce and there was a young couple feverishly going thru their car, everything out on the ground, bags and boxes unpacked, kaos. They 'warned' us that they were searching EVERY vehicle at the quarantine point, "so make sure you don't have any vegies or other stuff hidden away anywhere". I thought they were really strange the way they talked to us, but while I was on the way to the bin, I overheard some of their conversation. They were trying to find the pot they had hidden away in the car. Should I have told them that the guy on the gate probably wouldn't worry about it. He's quarrantine, not customs. LOL. 

Anyway, the young Asian bloke on the border had a bit of a chat with us while he took our details, obviously thought we were ok people cause he only looked thru a couple of drawers and the fridge and sent us on our way. 

So we thought we would pull up for a break and check out the Eucla Telegraph Station ruins but we came upon the sign and the turn off so quickly that we missed it altogether and we had a big truck up our bum at the time. The way the road is there it was ages before we could have turned around. Bugga! That's something we will have to do on the way back too. 

Not to impressed with the road house caravan parks at the road houses on the way across the Nullabour. The ones we've seen so far all look pretty grotty and rubbish everywhere. I get the 'we don't really care what you think, where else are you going to go' attitude at most of them. And no solar power anywhere. I find that strange. Must ask someone about that. They have no access to Internet and dodgy phone reception. This is not good mister members in the government. These are the people you should be working on getting fast internet connection, not canberra, and other dense population reas. They can wait, these remotely located people have wIted long enough. How are they expected to run a business with out decent internet connection these days. Shame shame shame.
But their attitude leaves a lot to be desired too. Lots of business enterprise opportunities that they are just missing out on. A coat of paint and an engaging sales manner would go a long way. We asked the sales person at Mundrabilla "tell us why should we should pull in there for the night" because we were thinking about it.  But she started out answering us with, "ummm, what could I say . . . .. " and just drifted off into nothingness. ??? And the older woman there missed the chance to jump in and suggest anything to tempt us either, so we decided to push on to Cocklebiddy. Is it just me, or did those women just miss out on overnight paying customers. Found out later that this place has a wonderful home cooking menu. Why didn't they mention this at least?

Also Surprisingly, we didn't see much wildlife. Just an occasional bird. We were expecting the camels, Roos, and emus that we saw on the roadside warning signs, but never saw a one. And very little road kill. Just the occasional lizard with a few crows snacking until the last moment, nothing else the whole way, until we got near to Madura and then we saw a couple of squished Roos. Guess it's because there is no water anywhere near the road. 
Another thing we were warned about at great length that is just not happening is the buffeting of our van by the big road trains ether over taking us, (2) or passing us going the other way. We set out quite fearsome of this occurrence, but it's just not a problem. There's a few other supposedly 'feral' things we've been 'warned' about too that we have seen no evidence of.

5:00pm WA time. We think. Time zones are confusing us.
Well, we didn't make it to Cocklebiddy, just couldn't go the extra 100 miles and the sun was setting in front of us anyway, so we ended up pulling into Madura Hotel/Motel/Caravan Park and Service station.
Didn't take any photos here, just too tuckered out I guess. 
Now this place has some dreadful comments on wiki camps, and that was the reason we were not going to stop here. But the guy on the desk was nice and helpful and friendly and invited us up for a drink in the bar. The camp6 book, is not earning it's price paid, in this book this caravan park has no powered site, which is wrong, there's plenty of them. Another reason we were not going to stop here. 
$25 for the night and he's given us a token each for the showers. Fair enough, there is a big generator running over in the corner, but unless you are parked right near it, and there are 3 vans over there, it shouldn't bother you too much at night. It's all pretty basic with no paving and the sites scattered amongst the trees and no water taps, but it's quite a decent place for a night.
Toddling off to bed very very tired after a beer at the bar and sausages and tomato on toast. 

Ps. Oh by the way. In the bar was a sign that said
Well, I looked at it for a few mins, and thought about it. The barman saw me looking at it and thinking about it. So I said, "OK mate,  I'll bite, what's it stand for?" He answered "Your Curiosity will cost you a two dollar donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service thank you" and pointed to the money box on the bar. Well, I told him he'd got me, so I was happy to pay.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

24/11/14 Port Germien to Ceduna via Port Augusta

24/11/14 Port Germien to Ceduna, via Port Augusta.
Only a short chapter today. 
8:15 start.
The tide came in during the night and I could hear gently lapping this morning when I woke up. Absolute bliss! And I heard something I haven't heard for a while,  . . . . . sea gulls! Sorry guys, no chips today. 

Good start to the day. All rested up after a peaceful sea side sleep. Woke up to the beautiful sound of waves on the beach and an invigorating breeze . Rod has pulled out his jumper. Cold pizza for breakfast. Packed up and ready to go in no time at all, pulled out and cp neighbour called out to us to stop us as we had left the step out and the door open. Thank goodness for cp people! 
Dora the Explora is behaving well so far. Has agreed to guide us to Port Augusta. She has a reprieve from the reset. .. . . . .for now. 
Fridge is cold and seems to be working after recouping itself over night, so we are going to risk not getting it checked out in Port Augusta. 
Looking forward to getting to Ceduna. It has been a 'goal' from the beginning and now it is just ahead. Couldn't say 'over the hill' cause there are none, and not many corners either.

Oh, must show you some seats nd tables we saw across the road from the caravan park. 
Check these out! 

And a final pier photo as we leave.

23/11/14 Bordertown to Port Germein

23/11/14 Bordertown to Port Germein. South Australia.
From Judy Butcher's place. 
8:30 start, a nice morning. We can't get over how flat and straight the road is. Not undulating like yesterday in Victora, and the wind is mild.  Not much to see from the car, just scrub. Healthy looking scrub tho. I got to drive the bit where we went on the ferry at Waikerie so I got the blame for the hitch grinding a little bit going on and off the ferry and for the close call where we nearly lost the drivers mirror against another vehicle. I think the ferry man should have made the other vehicles get off first and then they wouldn't have been all stuck behind us until I could find a place to pull over to realign the mirror. 

Apparently it was the first trip of the day as the ferry had broken down a few days earlier and they had to put a new engine in. It was too short a ride. Didn't even get to sing one verse of 'Ferry Cross the Murray', my version of the one Gerry and the Pacemakers sang, and we were there. And it was free! I wasn't expecting that. Jolly old boy driving it. A nice experience.
We stopped at Burra and bought a tasty pie for Rod and the biggest sausage roll I have ever had. Had a quick look around at so,e wonderful buildings, drive-by tourists at our best, and moved along. 
The GPS, Dora the Explora, the bitch, did not want us to go where we wanted too and kept redirecting us back to Barmea. I can't fiddle with it while we are moving so had to keep pulling over to try to reset the forward journey. But no, Dora was having no part of it, insisting we go back. I threatened to reset her to factory settings if she continued in this manner and turned her sound off. The rest of the trip was done with good old fashioned maps and turn here's, turn theres.
It was still early when we got to Crystal Springs where we had planned to stay the night so we decided to go on to Port Pirie. Didn't like the look of Port Pirie, what a depressing looking place,  so moved on to Port Germien where I had found a beach front caravan park there in wikicamps. Love wikicamps. 
Pulled up, set up and the fridge is not working again. Grrrrr. Once again we had a caravan park consultation committee discussing everything that could be going wrong with it. We decided to buy an esky and ice the next day in Port Augusta to find someone to fix it. And to buy some vittles since what was left in the fridge was now no good and had to be thrown out. Someone took the devon, called fritz here, and salami for their crab pots so I didn't feel so bad.

The view from our van, which was right next to the esplanade was beautiful. I don't think a car went along that road all night. We had planned to go for a walk out on the pier, I love doing that, but by the time we got back from pizza at the pub we were too tired. When we got back to the van, the fridge seemed to be a little cooler, but I didn't dare turn it up any more as someone had said it would labour to hard and wouldn't hold the temp down. So, we will just keep our fingers crossed til the morning.
There ws quite a cool breeze blowing but we left the windows and door open on the van and both soon fell asleep.

22/11/14 Newstead to Bordertown

22/11/14 Newstead to Bordertown  via Avoca, Stawell, Horsham
Judy Butchers place
Unhooked the power in the morning, fridge ok, and we finally set off to our next stop in Bordertown, SA, via Maryborough and Horsham with the chance of rain a highly likely possibility. 
However Dora the Explora decided she wanted to take us over some back roads, which we weren't to pleased with, them being a narrow strip of road with big dirt sides that we had to run off into whenever something came hurtling towards us scaring the shite out of us a couple of times, so after trying to convince Dora to get us off the back road and on to a main road, I'd finally had enough of her and turned her off. As soon as we saw a decent highway we turned left onto it and ended up in Ararat. Looks like a nice town but there is nowhere near the shops to park a caravan so we grabbed a wrap at McDonald's while straddling five parking spaces. 
I drove from Ararat to Bordertown. The road was very straight, and the countryside very flat, but the wind was quite scary, buffeting the van around what I thought was quite a bit, but manageable, so I pushed on. The undulation of the road added to the buffeting. Thank goodness neither of us get sea sick, cause riding over those whooptydoos in the road were like being in a fishing boat. 

We stopped to have a look at a pink lake along the way. It's a combination of some sort of algae and a bacterium that make it this colour I have since found out, but although this was a big stopping area with shelter, table chairs and loos, there was no signpost to tell us anything about it. 

Well, we made it into Bordertown and stayed the night with Judy Butcher and her husband Butch. We parked the van in a secure yard beside their house, had a wonderful dinner of roasted lamb shanks and hit the sack reasonably early. Once again had a  wonderful nights sleep under a quilt actually made by Judy, who is The Virtual Quilter. 

21/11/14 Echuca to Newstead

21/11/14 Echuca to  Newstead - Jasmines place.
Well, the fridge was working when we got up this morning. When I grabbed what was left of my coffee flavoured milk for a cuppa, it was COLD! Rod decided he doesn't like coffee milk in coffee. Says it adds a sweetness. I say, you want coffee ----take it how it comes. 
So, with the fridge now working and everything that's supposed to be frozen is, we loaded up the little drink carrier with ice bricks, drinks and a couple of chicken wraps and headed to Newstead via Bendigo and Maldon. Since we didn't have to stop in Bendigo to get the fridge fixed after all, we arrived fairly early at Jasmine's place in Newstead. Hooked up the van, to the power and fridge still working, we head off into Castlemaine with Jasmine to do some sightseeing. Fish and chips for lunch in the botanical gardens. These gardens at Castlemaine were used as a try out by the bloke that got the govt deal to create the botanical gardens in Melbourne. Lots of lovely trees and soooo coooool. 

We also got to see the famous Castlemaine library quilt which Jasmine coordinated and sewed.

We spent the afternoon relaxing on Jasmine's veranda with the dogs who both took a liking to Rod. I had a nap.

Then it was off to the neighbors, Maggie and Tim,s  place for a BBQ. Had some very tasty locally made pork sausages and heaps of salads and such. Jasmine had made a wickedly delicious chocolate cream and strawberries desert. And we round off the evening with a wee drop of Bailey's which I managed to pour half of mine down my cleavage into my bra. Then back to Jasmine's where we both both slept wonderfully under one of her quilts. 

20/11/14 Echuca Sightseeing.

Please ignore the little blue squares. The photos I had embedded in the document when I wrote it do not want to play nicely once it is in the blog editor. I don't know how to get rid of them either. Ops I did! I know how to get rid of them now. 
I have had to try and remember which ones they were and go and find them again before publishing. 

20/11/14 Echuca Sightseeing.

Weather is a bit overcast and hot. 
Fridge not working on ac so have switched it on to gas. 
We went down to the Port of Echuca which is within walking distance from the caravan park, to book in for a short river boat cruise. We filled in time looking thru the museum about the wharf while we waited and then had a coffee across the road from the tourist center in an old waterfront pub. It was a very pleasant cruise up the Mighty Murray River  to a big resort with heaps of luxury house boats lined up along the shore in front of it, and then the captain skillfully turned the paddle wheeler around and we came back to the wharf, a bit over an hour all up. 

They don't clean up the fallen trees on the river bank. It's all part of the management plan to let them stay there until the next flood comes along. Then more trees fall down and the cycle continues. It improves the habitat for the native fish. Mother Nature at her best.

The boat we are on, used to be one of the river barges and was converted to a paddle steamer about 100 years ago when the trade and the need was the greatest.

That's the Port of Echuca official flag. The Union Jack in the corner, a Red Cross with the stars on it, and four blue stripes representing the four great rivers that make up the whole waterway system.

That grey rock work you can see there is the river wall behind the caravan park. There's a public boat ramp and a carpark there too. 

We walked along underneath the 4 or 5 storied wharf the to the end and up a ramp to walk along on top of the wharf where there is still a lot of authentic loading machinery. and back up into the historical street along the back of the wharf. Don't you just love all those angles and light? I have a similar photo taken under the Port of Bourke Wharf in NSW.

These are the boats awaiting an influx of funds for restoring.

Some of the flood levels ar pretty impressive.

And the distances by river too.

The wharf is actually astride the border so it's really two ports. 

We walked along the street along side the river and wharf. It's all the old buildings and shops, some working, and dirt road. A nice stroll, but I was nearly tuckered out by now. 

Then into town to find a place for lunch. Continental Hotel, up the other end of town had a pub lunch for $15 each. Food fine, but once again nothing to write about. Then a bit of shopping and look around. Did not visit the Beechworth Bakery as everyone suggested but looked longingly into it as we drove by. Too much to see in a day, but took note of things to see and do next time we come back because plan to do one of the great caravan treks of australia which traces the course of the Murray River all the way to the mouth in SA. 
So that was our sojourn in Echuca.  It's a nice town. Very enjoyable. Very interesting. Lots of great history.