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20/11/14 Echuca Sightseeing.

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20/11/14 Echuca Sightseeing.

Weather is a bit overcast and hot. 
Fridge not working on ac so have switched it on to gas. 
We went down to the Port of Echuca which is within walking distance from the caravan park, to book in for a short river boat cruise. We filled in time looking thru the museum about the wharf while we waited and then had a coffee across the road from the tourist center in an old waterfront pub. It was a very pleasant cruise up the Mighty Murray River  to a big resort with heaps of luxury house boats lined up along the shore in front of it, and then the captain skillfully turned the paddle wheeler around and we came back to the wharf, a bit over an hour all up. 

They don't clean up the fallen trees on the river bank. It's all part of the management plan to let them stay there until the next flood comes along. Then more trees fall down and the cycle continues. It improves the habitat for the native fish. Mother Nature at her best.

The boat we are on, used to be one of the river barges and was converted to a paddle steamer about 100 years ago when the trade and the need was the greatest.

That's the Port of Echuca official flag. The Union Jack in the corner, a Red Cross with the stars on it, and four blue stripes representing the four great rivers that make up the whole waterway system.

That grey rock work you can see there is the river wall behind the caravan park. There's a public boat ramp and a carpark there too. 

We walked along underneath the 4 or 5 storied wharf the to the end and up a ramp to walk along on top of the wharf where there is still a lot of authentic loading machinery. and back up into the historical street along the back of the wharf. Don't you just love all those angles and light? I have a similar photo taken under the Port of Bourke Wharf in NSW.

These are the boats awaiting an influx of funds for restoring.

Some of the flood levels ar pretty impressive.

And the distances by river too.

The wharf is actually astride the border so it's really two ports. 

We walked along the street along side the river and wharf. It's all the old buildings and shops, some working, and dirt road. A nice stroll, but I was nearly tuckered out by now. 

Then into town to find a place for lunch. Continental Hotel, up the other end of town had a pub lunch for $15 each. Food fine, but once again nothing to write about. Then a bit of shopping and look around. Did not visit the Beechworth Bakery as everyone suggested but looked longingly into it as we drove by. Too much to see in a day, but took note of things to see and do next time we come back because plan to do one of the great caravan treks of australia which traces the course of the Murray River all the way to the mouth in SA. 
So that was our sojourn in Echuca.  It's a nice town. Very enjoyable. Very interesting. Lots of great history. 

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