Thursday, November 27, 2014

21/11/14 Echuca to Newstead

21/11/14 Echuca to  Newstead - Jasmines place.
Well, the fridge was working when we got up this morning. When I grabbed what was left of my coffee flavoured milk for a cuppa, it was COLD! Rod decided he doesn't like coffee milk in coffee. Says it adds a sweetness. I say, you want coffee ----take it how it comes. 
So, with the fridge now working and everything that's supposed to be frozen is, we loaded up the little drink carrier with ice bricks, drinks and a couple of chicken wraps and headed to Newstead via Bendigo and Maldon. Since we didn't have to stop in Bendigo to get the fridge fixed after all, we arrived fairly early at Jasmine's place in Newstead. Hooked up the van, to the power and fridge still working, we head off into Castlemaine with Jasmine to do some sightseeing. Fish and chips for lunch in the botanical gardens. These gardens at Castlemaine were used as a try out by the bloke that got the govt deal to create the botanical gardens in Melbourne. Lots of lovely trees and soooo coooool. 

We also got to see the famous Castlemaine library quilt which Jasmine coordinated and sewed.

We spent the afternoon relaxing on Jasmine's veranda with the dogs who both took a liking to Rod. I had a nap.

Then it was off to the neighbors, Maggie and Tim,s  place for a BBQ. Had some very tasty locally made pork sausages and heaps of salads and such. Jasmine had made a wickedly delicious chocolate cream and strawberries desert. And we round off the evening with a wee drop of Bailey's which I managed to pour half of mine down my cleavage into my bra. Then back to Jasmine's where we both both slept wonderfully under one of her quilts. 

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