Thursday, November 27, 2014

22/11/14 Newstead to Bordertown

22/11/14 Newstead to Bordertown  via Avoca, Stawell, Horsham
Judy Butchers place
Unhooked the power in the morning, fridge ok, and we finally set off to our next stop in Bordertown, SA, via Maryborough and Horsham with the chance of rain a highly likely possibility. 
However Dora the Explora decided she wanted to take us over some back roads, which we weren't to pleased with, them being a narrow strip of road with big dirt sides that we had to run off into whenever something came hurtling towards us scaring the shite out of us a couple of times, so after trying to convince Dora to get us off the back road and on to a main road, I'd finally had enough of her and turned her off. As soon as we saw a decent highway we turned left onto it and ended up in Ararat. Looks like a nice town but there is nowhere near the shops to park a caravan so we grabbed a wrap at McDonald's while straddling five parking spaces. 
I drove from Ararat to Bordertown. The road was very straight, and the countryside very flat, but the wind was quite scary, buffeting the van around what I thought was quite a bit, but manageable, so I pushed on. The undulation of the road added to the buffeting. Thank goodness neither of us get sea sick, cause riding over those whooptydoos in the road were like being in a fishing boat. 

We stopped to have a look at a pink lake along the way. It's a combination of some sort of algae and a bacterium that make it this colour I have since found out, but although this was a big stopping area with shelter, table chairs and loos, there was no signpost to tell us anything about it. 

Well, we made it into Bordertown and stayed the night with Judy Butcher and her husband Butch. We parked the van in a secure yard beside their house, had a wonderful dinner of roasted lamb shanks and hit the sack reasonably early. Once again had a  wonderful nights sleep under a quilt actually made by Judy, who is The Virtual Quilter. 


  1. Great photos on your blog! We have done fair mileage with can, but not headed west. Look forward to following your blog. AnY EPP happening?