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23/11/14 Bordertown to Port Germein

23/11/14 Bordertown to Port Germein. South Australia.
From Judy Butcher's place. 
8:30 start, a nice morning. We can't get over how flat and straight the road is. Not undulating like yesterday in Victora, and the wind is mild.  Not much to see from the car, just scrub. Healthy looking scrub tho. I got to drive the bit where we went on the ferry at Waikerie so I got the blame for the hitch grinding a little bit going on and off the ferry and for the close call where we nearly lost the drivers mirror against another vehicle. I think the ferry man should have made the other vehicles get off first and then they wouldn't have been all stuck behind us until I could find a place to pull over to realign the mirror. 

Apparently it was the first trip of the day as the ferry had broken down a few days earlier and they had to put a new engine in. It was too short a ride. Didn't even get to sing one verse of 'Ferry Cross the Murray', my version of the one Gerry and the Pacemakers sang, and we were there. And it was free! I wasn't expecting that. Jolly old boy driving it. A nice experience.
We stopped at Burra and bought a tasty pie for Rod and the biggest sausage roll I have ever had. Had a quick look around at so,e wonderful buildings, drive-by tourists at our best, and moved along. 
The GPS, Dora the Explora, the bitch, did not want us to go where we wanted too and kept redirecting us back to Barmea. I can't fiddle with it while we are moving so had to keep pulling over to try to reset the forward journey. But no, Dora was having no part of it, insisting we go back. I threatened to reset her to factory settings if she continued in this manner and turned her sound off. The rest of the trip was done with good old fashioned maps and turn here's, turn theres.
It was still early when we got to Crystal Springs where we had planned to stay the night so we decided to go on to Port Pirie. Didn't like the look of Port Pirie, what a depressing looking place,  so moved on to Port Germien where I had found a beach front caravan park there in wikicamps. Love wikicamps. 
Pulled up, set up and the fridge is not working again. Grrrrr. Once again we had a caravan park consultation committee discussing everything that could be going wrong with it. We decided to buy an esky and ice the next day in Port Augusta to find someone to fix it. And to buy some vittles since what was left in the fridge was now no good and had to be thrown out. Someone took the devon, called fritz here, and salami for their crab pots so I didn't feel so bad.

The view from our van, which was right next to the esplanade was beautiful. I don't think a car went along that road all night. We had planned to go for a walk out on the pier, I love doing that, but by the time we got back from pizza at the pub we were too tired. When we got back to the van, the fridge seemed to be a little cooler, but I didn't dare turn it up any more as someone had said it would labour to hard and wouldn't hold the temp down. So, we will just keep our fingers crossed til the morning.
There ws quite a cool breeze blowing but we left the windows and door open on the van and both soon fell asleep.

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