Thursday, November 27, 2014

24/11/14 Port Germien to Ceduna via Port Augusta

24/11/14 Port Germien to Ceduna, via Port Augusta.
Only a short chapter today. 
8:15 start.
The tide came in during the night and I could hear gently lapping this morning when I woke up. Absolute bliss! And I heard something I haven't heard for a while,  . . . . . sea gulls! Sorry guys, no chips today. 

Good start to the day. All rested up after a peaceful sea side sleep. Woke up to the beautiful sound of waves on the beach and an invigorating breeze . Rod has pulled out his jumper. Cold pizza for breakfast. Packed up and ready to go in no time at all, pulled out and cp neighbour called out to us to stop us as we had left the step out and the door open. Thank goodness for cp people! 
Dora the Explora is behaving well so far. Has agreed to guide us to Port Augusta. She has a reprieve from the reset. .. . . . .for now. 
Fridge is cold and seems to be working after recouping itself over night, so we are going to risk not getting it checked out in Port Augusta. 
Looking forward to getting to Ceduna. It has been a 'goal' from the beginning and now it is just ahead. Couldn't say 'over the hill' cause there are none, and not many corners either.

Oh, must show you some seats nd tables we saw across the road from the caravan park. 
Check these out! 

And a final pier photo as we leave.

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