Sunday, November 30, 2014

27/11/14 Fraser Range to Esperance.

27/11/14 Fraser Range to Esperance
300+ Kms.
8:00am start. 
What a blustery night. Van was moving like an old rocking horse. I worried all night that the gum tree nearby would  drop a  branch on us.  Everytime a gum nut or twig landed on our roof I damned near pissed myself, not hard to do when you are 'holding on a bit longer' during the night so you don't have to go out to the amenities block in the dark. We both woke up  early, yes folks, even me, and I took a photo of the coming up over the hill behind us at 5:50 am just to prove it to you.

And we promptly drew the curtains closed again and went back to sleep, at that point deciding to stay here for another night because we considered it just too windy to risk towing today. Around 7:30 we woke again to a much calmer day,  so after a quick breakfast of yoghurt and oatmeal biscuits we packed up, stowed away, and locked down and double checked in record time, we are getting so good at this, and the fridge is STILL cold. 

Pulled up at Norseman for a break, fuel and  bacon and egg breakfast. Finally. Now this breakfast has been long in coming. Our first plan on leaving Dubbo was to have a big breakfast at a truckie service station hopefully before Parkes. Well, it never happened. Didn't see a food stop anywhere, so gave up on the idea and starved until maccas in Parkes where we had to settle for a chicken wrap. A poor substitution. Was chatting to the young woman serving at the BP in Norseman and found out that she arrived here about a week ago from Blacktown, Sydney. She was saying what a culture shock it has been to her to go from anything and everything available 24/7 to only the BP open and nothing else after 5pm

As we neared Esperance we saw a hill! Out here that's a big event. I took a photo. Dirty windscreen I'm afraid.

All the trip along the Coolgardie - Esperance highway, we chased a big storm. We didn't get wet but the road was. Big puddles laying every where. 
We booked into a caravan park right thru town, down by the docks, it's only a small park and you can hear the elaborate clock tower at the dock toll the time. (Not all you can hear, but not to worry, the occasional train clanking by a block away and a toot every now and then is not a bother, it adds to the adventure)

It didn't take us long to set up camp this time, and we have connected the water to the van for the first time. The new food quality hose and fittings work fine. But our black drainage hose does not fit our van's outlet and the hose would not have gone all the way to the drain anyway so we are collecting anything that goes down the sink in a bucket. Another drive thru site thank goodness but Rod was so sick of me telling him where to go that he decided it was better to tell me where to go and let me park the van. I could have got closer to the slab but it'll do. No way was I going to do the usual multiple manoeuvres he does. And I didn't.

Then we went shopping for vittles and for a paddle at the beach right there at the bottom of town. Did my walk for the day along a beach.  Bliss! A longer walk than usual. I am happy. I will be sore. I am prepared. Zen herbal liniment came with us.
We love Esperance. It's a beautiful white and blue place. Healthy looking kids and pleasant people of all different shades. Quite a few Kiwis and Sth Africans. Could easily ask our nephew to pack up the house in Dubbo for us and send it all here, but the prices are a bit over the top. Next door to the caravan park is a fibro house in poor nick on about a 1/5 acre for more than $500k. Bit steep considering you would reall only be paying for the land which is too close to the docks to be in a prestigious position. Tell him he's joking! 
Went for a drive along the Great Ocean Drive and back into town but we will have to do it again as we forgot to take the camera or iPad or phone.
Sausages, fried tomato, salad and spuds for tea and a couple of glasses of Pinot Gris for me and here it is 7:30 and we are ready for bed.

And the fridge is still working.

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