Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day one setting out from Dubbo.

18/11/14 start WA TRIP
 18/11/14. Dubbo to Narranderra NSW.
All ship shape, battened down and cast off by 9am.
Weather sunny and mild, cloudless sky, minimal breeze. 
The country side is just waiting to be harvested. The cockies have been asked to hold off harvesting until predicted horrific winds pass by in a few day. The risk of fire is too great, and looking out the window as we drive sedately along, if a fire got started it would be off like a rocket into the distance. There would be no chance of stopping it. 
Coffee and a late breakfast in Parkes. The plan was to have a truck stop breakfast but we didn't see one all morning so it was wraps and drinks at maccas. 
1:30pm stopped off north of Naranderra for a break

We got to Nerrandera in good time and decided to go one more town. So we ended up in Jerilderi for the night. Both quite tired but managed to drag ourselves next door to the Sports Club which has a Chinese restaurant. 
Early to bed. Very pleased with ourselves.

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