Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday 19/11/14

Please ignore the bliue squares that indicat where a photo should be. The photos didn't copy across and I didn't know how to get rid of the blue squares at the time. I went and found the photos and put them in again. 

7:15am start. 
Beautiful mild day.
Expect to take 2 hours.

Good nights sleep. Cool. Quiet. 

When we were making up the bed yesterday evening we found we have a stow away. Plucka Duck #5 has joined us on this journey. Beryl Bilby must have told him she was joining us on another trip and he obviously didn't want to be  sitting all alone on the shelf until Beryl got back this time.

We decided left over Chinese was just beyond our tastebuds for breakfast so settled for a cuppa and cereal. We set off for a little drive down the track to Echuca. Once again mile after mile of wheat waiting to be harvested.
When we booked in to the Echuca caravan park we were given a handful of discount vouchers for various shops in the town so we made good use of a voucher for two for one or some such thing at Shannon's Irish Pub. Food was good but nothing to write home about. 
It's a huge park right on the riverbank within walking distance of the town. All the caravans are neatly parked and quite close just over the road from us, we're we are is a little more 'relaxed' and luckily we got a drive thru site, which means the "back a bit, left abit " dilemma has be avoided yet again. There was another nearly vacant area set out nearer the river where it seemed to be just for big rigs. 
We find that the fridge is not working. So we had a 'consultation committee' meeting to discuss all the possibilities. Believe me, every possibility was covered and discounted for one reason or another. So after hearing everyone's opinion we decided that "shut the fridge door and see what happens" was the best thing to do.
Into the pleasantly warmed pool for a swim and a float for the better part of the late afternoon and chatty chatting to some other caravan people. Made do with bickkies and dip and salami and cheese for tea and hit the sack. 
Heard someone coming back from fishing during the night, seems they caught two worth cooking. 

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