Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1/12/14. Albany sightseeing.

1/12/14. Albany. Monday.
We're here for four nights at least. 

This is a picture of Middleton Beach taken from the hill behind it. mount Adelaide they call it here, it's where the new ANZAC memorial center is. Those Norfolk Pine trees you can see is where the caravan park is. 
Is that magic, or what?! 

Slept in till 6 this morning which is really 9 EDST which is when I usually wake up.  Went into town, 3kms of scenic drive, to get a couple of things and to go the visitors centre to get maps and a list of must sees. One of the members of the EVERYTHING CARAVANNING AND CAMPING Facebook group, Gerrit, has already sent me a list of things to see and do in Albany. I'll check them out tonight to see what I can handle. 
Went into Dog Rock shopping center and got dongle fixed. A snooty young man who didn't seem to want to serve us, finally took it and re set it. Then got rather exasperated when I asked him to explain what he did incase I have to do it again. Apparently he is the tech wizard in the shop and one usually has to make an appointment to see him. Pooh hoo. Now using my own wifi again.
Scenic drive out to the boat Harbour and Emu point. Saw a swimming pool that you have to swim out to. And bugga no camera. Didn't bring hand bag with me. Squid Inn might have to try out for a meal. 
One of the things we decided to buy is a small knapsack/daypack, cause as you can tell by the lack of camera on some of our jaunts, we are both sick of carting my big pink bag. Everything in it gets heavy. Bought two day packs from 'Big Red Spot' a discount store. Share the load. 
Both love the place even tho it is overcast, showery and a bit windy. I mean really love the place, looking in realtors windows. I an imagine us building out 'shed' around here somewhere. 
Lunch back at the van and a nap. I am in great pain all over. Every part that usually takes turns in aching is doing it together. I need a spa.  . . . . . . Oh that's right, there's one here at the park. 
3:00 big winds blow thru camp, Rod was part of 3 man caravan awning rescue party. I slept thru most of it. They had two vans all shipshape and tied down again by the time I stirred. Sorry no photos. Both ban owners were very surprised, and great full, to see what had been done when they arrived home from wherever the went for the day. 
We've done something right cause ours survived. 
Rod went missing for most of the afternoon. He found some blokes to tell his stories too,  one who's grand son tells us his name is  Poppy and another newby like us on his first trip. I can hear laughter from over that way so by the sounds of things, they were just as keen to share their stories too. One of them is another Jayco Freedom owner. Showed Rod his 'additions and innovations'. We will be getting LED lights (like I suggested) after all. 
Learned a few more things. Big learning curve. 

Need to get our roof struts seen too. That's why it's hard to push the roof up apparently. And he's suggested we get sticks to hold the roof up to take the pressure off the struts. Makes sense to us. He's got a few other innovations and inventions that I took photos of. 

I particularly like his 'bathroom' he made that he attaches to the back bumper of his van for the porta potti. And it can be kitted out with a shower too. I can see I'm going to need someone very handy Andy to help Rod out with building our own. 

Walked to a quaint little restaurant just half a block up the road from the caravan park. Owned by a little pommy lady, staffed by two French girls. Nice meal. Reasonably cheap. Does english breakfast too, might get another B&E fix soon. Eclectic decor. Very chilly night. 
Quilt back on the bed. Waves crashing. 

Here I am upping my daily fluid intake earlier on in the day. 
It's water and electrolytes in there.  . . . . . . It is! . . . It is! 
I've been getting very bad cramps in my legs and feet for the past few nights, a sure sign that I am dehydrated and in need of electrolytes. I've also bought some mothballs to put in my sox at night. That old wives tale trick has always worked for me. 
Night all. 

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