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30/11/14. Esperance to Albany.

30/11/14 Esperance to Albany.

Overcast with scattered sun.
Hitch up went without a hitch. We were On the road by 7:50 am. Are we getting good at this, or what! 
Well, 2kms down the road, Rod realises the hitch up this morning has a major flaw. . . . . . . No tow mirrors ! Shock horror, my job that! Bad Del. (Beryl, why didn't you remind me?) We Had to travel about 10kms before we could find a place safe enough place to pull over.

Not much to look at along the way, mostly mallee scrub with a few open places of paddocks that look as tho they have been recently harvested. Some more angus beef and Bulls. Must have been a hard life trying to make a living in this kind of scrub. There was a huge soldiers resettlement on farm plots around this area after the war. The biggest area for this kind of project ever in the world to that date. No wonder most of them walked off a few years down the track.  More big long stretches of road, with very little traffic. 
Ravensthorps a non event of a town. Blurg!  Even the eftpos machine didn't want to work at the service station. Lucky we had some cash. Grabbed a pie and drink for quick get away lunch. Meh. It's mostly to do with mining now.
On the road again and once again miles and miles and miles of eucalypt plantations. Spotted some names. The Great Southern Plantation and Geddes Plantation. And lots of acres recently planted too, so there must be some worth in them for them to be still planting them. It just looks odd to see old turpentine pine trees growing willy nilly along fence lines And amongst the scrub along side the road as wind breaks and then seeing gum trees all lined up in row after row after row. It's usually the other way around. 
Jerrymungarup wasn't any better than Ravensthorpe,  . . . . . . well, ok, yes it was, but I can't remember why now. Certainly didn't call to us to stay the night. So once again we did our 'one more town' trick and pushed on to Albany. It's only 180kms down the road and it's just gone mid day. 
Pulled into Middleton Beach Caravan Park about 2 pm. It's a Big 4 cp. $154 for four nights with our Big 4 membership discount taken off. That membership has almost paid for itself already. Three Kms drive from town, but there is a shoreline walking track if you felt so inclined. It's another choice from Wikicamps. I'm finding this $5 application is much better and more reliable than the Camps 6 book I paid a heap for.  

Another drive thru site, we are going to learn to reverse properly one day, and we set up camp lickety split again.  Time for a cuppa and then a walk along the beach which is just a hop step and a jump away. This time we decided to break out the extra sun screen awnings. I found out what those poles with the funny little hooks on each end that we left at home with the annex were for. They go from the roof to the awning roller and are what the sunshade screens are attached too. Hum, turns out the end ones of these shades are not square as I thought. Oh well, it's a learning curve. Rod was out there bang bang banging away at metal tent pegs that would wiggle out of the sandy soil as soon as the sunshades moved in the breeze and growling to himself. I suddenly remembered The Big Blue Pegs I had bought on the Internet after someone on one of the Facebook groups recommended them. 

I don't remember what I paid for them but I do remember balking slightly at the price, but I still bought two packets so we have 8.  Australian company on the Internet. Will be getting some more. 

And hey! Don't laugh at his knots. He was a butcher, not a Boy Scout! 
They screw into ANY ground, easy peasy, . . . . .  and they really do, and they DONT come loose, . . . . . . and they don't. 

It's a very nicely organised park, little lanes running off the main one with 6-8 sites per lane, all with a large concrete slab that easily fit the van and annex on them. The grounds are very well maintained and you can walk on the grass. Very soft underfoot. The amenities block is spotless, with little posies of flowers in vases along the sinks. First time I've seen that. The decor is cream tiles with green trim and the grouting is also green. It looks very nice. There is also a heated pool, with lanes, and a spa which I can't wait to try out. Very nice main BBQ area near the pool and other smaller ones scattered about the park. Some sites have their own bathroom. Lots of little kids riding bikes and scooters about and older ones in the recreation room playing various table games, but none of them in the pool and spa area. And none squealing or yelling or tearing noisily about. All very well behaved with nice manners. Obviously seasoned caravanerkids.  One sweet little boy is riding a bright blue bicycle around singing Jingle Bells on the top of his voice.  . . . . I can bear it  . . . . . For now.
There are little paths across the sand dunes to the beach and you can hear the waves quite clearly. I love that sound. So restful. I so miss living near the shore. 
Another walk along the beach. Lots of seagrass laying in really big piles, washed up by the last tide, will probably all be gone tomorrow. Lovely beach. Lovely lovely lovely. I feel really attracted to this town. It's as tho I'm meant to be here. I felt the same when watching the recent ANZAC memorial on ABC TV. 
Speaking of TV, neither of us have missed it. It's still in its box under the bed. 

Chicken salad tea for tea and early to bed. To tired to bother with a swim and spa.
Catch ya all later. 

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