Monday, December 8, 2014

5/12/14. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse sightseeing drive.

5/12/14. Augusta. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. 
Lovely day. Breezey. 
Did a bit of vittles shopping this morning. IGA. 
And went for a drive out to the lighthouse on Cape Leeuwin. 
Beautiful scenery. Very rugged coast. 
ARound the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran, comes to mind.

Lots and lots of rocks and reefs in the water, way way out there, no wonder they need a lighthouse. This is where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet. 
We considered doing a guided tour, but the distance to walk out to the lighthouse would have been too far for me, I might have got out there, but I wouldn't have got back, and no way would either of us have been able to get up all those stairs so we just read a few notations under exhibits and missed out on the commentary and just had coffee at the ticket shop. The staff there were very jovial, the ticket sales person could have exhibited a bit more animation. 
I asked about the possibility of mobility scooters and the reason she gave for not having them was that they had no where to store them. Hummmmm. 

So all these little buildings on the lighthouse property must be full of  . . . . .  something? 

On the drive back we stopped for a quick look at the new boat harbour. Very nicely set out, will look a picture once the landscaping is finished. Some nice boats moored. But the rock sea wall was what grabbed our attention. 

A lot of work has gone into that and it's a beautiful example of dry stone wall. Or should I say dry boulder wall. Rod scrambled up so I could take a picture with him in it for size comparison. 
Rod just scrapes in at a smidgen under 6ft. So as you can see, some really big rocks have been put in position.
It's an ongoing development and there are huge adverts around the town.

We were both glad of a quiet day. Both a bit worn out. And it's so nice to sit on the river bank and just watch the Pelicans. 

We sat down to a lovely tea of salad and BBQ d hamburger patties mixed and pattied by my own two hands, as close as I have come to cooking this whole trip. And during tea I choked on a piece of pattie. 

This man, Rod, my hero and my love, saved my life, again. I was in a really bad way, beyond a cough and a drink of water, and he did the Heimlich Manouver on me. Before you say anything about this procedure being out dated, he's saved me a few years ago with this manouver and it worked then when it was in favour and it worked again tonight. A slap or two on the back, as is now suggested to replace the Heimlich would not have worked. 
Off to bed. I'm all wrung out. 


  1. Glad Rod was there for you! Have you read, "Light Between Oceans" an historical novel set there where the oceans meet. I really enjoyed it!

    1. You're the second person who has mentioned that book to me. I'll have to look out for it. Thanks Sharon.