Tuesday, December 9, 2014

6/12/14. Augusta to Margaret River.

6/12/14. Augusta to Margaret River. 
Packed up, hitched up and on the road by 8:00
It's a beautiful day. I've broken out the shorts again. These ones aren't so tight.
Margaret River is  less than an hour away.
Had brain wave last night.  Buy pop up canopy, cheap from Bunnings until awning is fixed. Sounds like a good plan. 

9:15 Too early to move onto site at Margaret River Tourist Park so we went and had bacon and egg breakfast across the road at a tres trendy restaurant/cafe. Now, I don't mind a bit of floral 'garnish' on my plate but all those twigs and lavender was ridiculous. I put it all in the little vase on the table which just happened to have plastic flowers and berries in it. WT?

Very tight site to get into, stone wall across the road adding to difficulty. 
Finally backed in with some guidance and good advise from the truckie next door, and we were all set up by 11:00
We are just across the little road from the amenities, so I don't have to go for anymore long night time strolls, and just two sites away from the pool which will happen if the weather warms up, and there's  a lovely shadey tree beside us on our 'veranda' side. 

The site is paved and edged and very level with gardens separating one site from another. This ^ photo is taken from the veranda of the amenities block. 
Staff very very nice and helpful. A much better choice than the first park I chose from Wikicamps. When we saw that one, neither of us liked it, very hilly and cramped with cottages. But they couldn't fit us , so it turned out well for us. Soon as we saw this park, we liked it before we got in the gate. 
Jus Perfek. 

Went to Bunnings to see if we could get a pop up canopy we had seen on the internet. Not available at Margaret River store but the young chap rang up and told us there were some at Bussleton Bunnings so since that's only a half hour or so away, we went for a drive. Purchased the canopy and some clamps to use to attach the shade cloth sides we already have to it. Won't need it here because it's so shady, but probably will further down the track.

Don't know about Rod,  but I've run out of steam for the day. 
6:00pm I think I'll have a ham salad sandwich and go to bed. 

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