Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7/12/14. Margaret River up to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and back.

7/12/14 Cape Naturaliste scenic drive
We decided to take another scenic drive today and drove northish to Yallingup where there was a Junior Surf Competition, that we thought might be an interesting side trip today. We drove around, and up and down, past some very very nice houses, and around and up and down and past the nice houses some more, in and out of designated car parks, against the arrows, much to the disgust of locals, ("hey, we've got NSW number plates, we're tourists goddamit!  Give us a bit of lee way, show us a bit of love! FFS!"),  and after an attempt beyond He Who Suffers' patience, found it impossible to find a parking spot anywhere within 2 maybe 3 Kms of the beach. There were cars parked everywhere one would fit, some partly on the footpath tail end sticking out impeding the flow of traffic. Sheer madness. So we didn't see the surfing. Bugga. 
I did all the driving, Dora helped, Rod had the day off. 

 But the area is beautiful as is all this side of the continent. I really could become a 'westerner' without too much persuasion. 
We then headed out to the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, spotting the Bunker Bay turn off on the way, which is where we are going to our niece Emily's wedding on Saturday 13th, which is the reason we decided to do this adventure to WA in the first place. 

But you could only go out there to see it as part of a guided tour. 
I like lighthouses, and one day I'm going to find one I can get out to without totally crippling myself doing it. I thought about getting a little mobility scooter, but the little ones won't take a bum as big and heavy as mine and we'd have to tow a bigger one behind the van. I can just picture us movin, on down the highway . . . . . Mental picture here, - The Mazda, the caravan, the scoot, and the porta potti. ! I wish I could draw! 

So I took a photo of what I could see of the cape Naturaliste Lighthouse from a point as close as I could get to it.

On the return trip from the cape, we turned down to Bunker Bay. What a beautiful spot. So glad we decided to do this without the caravan. The road down to would have been tight and little turn around carpark area at the end of the street would have been impossible to get a caravan around, even tho it did have signs for caravan and motorhome parking. 

Coffee and cake was on the cards at Bunkies Cafe and this is the photo taken from where we were seated. Magic! The restaurant was full, they sat us at the last twosome table. And very noisy. But we've noticed that at every place we've had a meal over here. There was a game of Trivial Pursuit going on at the next table at breakfast the other day. Not a critisism, just something we've noticed.

Look at that, just the perfect place to have a mixed berry muffin and a piece of raspberry rhubarb cheese cake and good coffee and a wee walk along the beach. I'm ok going that way, ^ , it's coming back I have problems because my right leg is now shorter than the left because of the hip and knee damage and the slope of a beach works against me. What shall we do with the drunken sailor,  . . . Etc.

I just couldn't resist it and decided to check out the resort at which the wedding festivities will taking place. The Pullman Resort. Who eee! Talk about swank! This guy met us in the carpark and offered to take our bags. We blocked traffic until he had reached the safety of the garden. Makes me realize that we don't have any suitcases with us, we're going to look like Ma and Pa Kettle arriving at check in on Friday, with our fancy wedding clobber hitched over our shoulder. Didn't go exploring around the resort, but the nice receptionist showed us where our 'studio' is and it's going to have a lovely view of a lake right outside our windows. It will be nice to sleep in a big bed for a couple of nights. I might even treat myself to a spa and massage. And I've just realized, I don't have any makeup or jewelry with me, just a melted lipstick in the glovebox of the car. I'm not really into makeup these days, why put it on when it only sweats off, so I'm not to worried about that, but I might have to buy a pair of blingy earrings to go with my floaty chiffonny top. (3 floaty chiffonny tops bought with me, haven't decided which one yet. All so pretty) I hope there's a pre-wedding party the night before, then I'll at least get to wear two of them, eh. Can this be arranged please Em? 
There are some wonderful glass art works in the atrium/foyer of the resort, some shaped like surfboards with coloured glass inserts. Beautiful play of light thru them. I'd like to own a few, but I'd have to have a beach house to put them in to show them off to their best. 
Ho hum, lottery dreams. 

Then it was a trip into Dunsborough to see if we should leave the van there while we swan around for a couple of days at the resort, but although We  ahem, Dora managed to get 'lost' in Dunsbourough which led us to exploring parts of it no other tourist has seen, . . . . .  TWICE, we didn't see a caravan park to our liking and eventually, (by reading road signs) we found our way out and we're off back to Margaret River. On the main road this time. Which we'd already been over before on our trip to Bussleton and back yesterday, so I sort of knew the way and Dora had a rest.
The rest of the day was spent looking around Margaret River township, they're and eclectic bunch of people here, one would never be bored if just sitting doing a bit of people-watching. Then a bit and lazing in and around the van reading (me) or doing soduku (Rod). Once again salad for tea and early to bed. Too cold for a swim. 


  1. 8/12/14. Wine tour, Margaret River.
    Rained last night. Cool this morning.
    Not doing anything until the wine tour this afternoon.

    Formoy 4
    Olive oil and vinegar. Mayo lime lemon.2
    Knotting hill, fish farm, Maron farm. Mix dozen
    Beautiful setting for cellar door, lake, ducks and sibpver perch and maron in the lake.

    Chocolate factory, v expensive. None
    Cheese factory. . 2 chives and onion 1 pepper

    Colonial brewery.
    Sitting around chatting with the English couple and the Australian lady, who has walked the track from Augusta to MR and the tour guide, while the younger ones went for the bigger samples. We Tasting beer paddle, shared with Rod. Dark ones, not so nice but med and two light ones more like what I'm used to. Nothing purchased. We're all at the MR Tourist Park. Eng in cabin, us in van and Austrian lady in little red one person hiking tent.

    English, Austrian, Italian,french and us.

    Kookaburras not native to wa.
    No wombats, no koalas.

  2. 9/12/14. Margaret River to Bussleton.
    Short hop today.
    On the road before 930
    Breakfast in Cow Town. Cowaramup. 10am. Cows all over town in various poses and decorations for Xmas, One cow a souths supporter.

    Mandalay Tourist Park ready for us and let us in early. Beach access across the road.
    Another drive thru. Nice young man to guide us in.
    Good site. Matting and concrete with paving area for car. Near amenities.
    Here until Monday at least. $305 after a $30 discount for being a Top Tourist member . Membership now paid for.
    3swimming pools, one inside, plus water slide for kids.

  3. 10/12/14. Shopping in Bussleton

    What a glorious day!

    Rod has no belt,
    I have no makeup or jewelry to wear to the wedding.
    Priceline, don't know what I'm doing, so long since I've bought makeup, got foundation that will stay on in a sauna, hopefully. Got perfume too, a Madonna on for 15$ . Not bad reduced from 40$.
    Free 'tablet/iPad bag' which will probably be used for makeup.

    Second hand clothing shop for two pairs of earrings.
    Red Cross for a look for something more blingy, found two evening bags. Black sequins 5$ & purple mauve sequins 4$. Another lady in the shop buying shoes cause she came away with only one, ha ha funny, told them I'd come 4000kms to a wedding without makeup, jewelry or handbag. Very ha ha funny funny. Sales assit comes from Oberon.
    Nice toasted sandwich at Zen cafe across the road.
    Back to van.
    Rod gone looking for advice on finding a doctor, he is running out of Heart tablets, we though we had this all sorted before we left and got extra supplies, but seems there's was only one pkt of heart ones in the bag. He's got 8 days to sort this out. I haven't got a clue how to go about it, maybe ask at the hospital???

  4. 12/12/14 Pullman resort. Friday.
    Day before the wedding.
    Great studio accommodation right near duck pond.
    Met Alan's rellies.
    Evening South American BBQ
    Huge bed.

    1. 13/12/14 wedding day
      On beach.
      Adam sends message. His dogs caught someone in our yard last night. Piece of denim jeans left behind.

  5. 14/12/14 busselton Sunday
    Dinner at pier
    Pier walk

  6. 15/12/14 coogee beach. Monday

    Dora having a fit. Wanting to go back to bun???
    We not happy.
    Tired. Cranky.
    Get to freo.
    Book into coo gee beach cp. A lot more casual than the last one. Looks a bit shabby. Lots of resident cottages. Direct access to beautiful beach. Park playground.
    Cafe. Walk down for tea, not open. Nothin in fridge. Invent a potatoe bake with available ingredients. Happy 43 anniversary.

  7. 16/12/14 coogee beach cp tuesday
    Visit sue
    Fish lunch Kailis at boat Harbour.
    Sightseeing around freo free buses. and drive up north to Scarborough
    On coast rd, back to coogee via perth. Kings park.
    Big sleep.
    Beach sunset.

    Should have gone shopping, poor subway for tea.

  8. 17/12/14 coogee beach. Wednesday
    Big sleep in.
    Shopping for vittles. Beach walk.
    Both very very tired.
    Big Sleep in afternoon.
    Discuss route and plan for heading to wave rock and Kalgoolie. Tomorrow.
    Late salad ham tea.

    Whole time at coogee beach have had crap internet connection. Yesterday none at all. Neighbors told me that this cp well known for its bad phone and Internet reception. Intermittent at best. If I had any before, I was very lucky.
    Sent phone text to do asking her to post a message on my wall about me not having any internet reception.

  9. 21/12/14 super pit to Norseman
    Cold and drizzly.
    6:30 to superpit lookout.
    22/12/14 Madura to Ceduna

    5:30 central wa time I the road.
    Scattered rain.
    Climbing all the wY again.
    23/12/14. Scenic drive cliff tops

    And that's all I wrote.
    Thought it better to record my notes here than loose them completely on themipad one day.
    I moved all the photos off the iPad shortly after we got back to Dubbo, didn't even give this travel diary a thought at the time. And now it's too much for me to cope with.
    Had a major mental melt down a couple of weeks ago and have scale led back my social network activities. I have a lot of thinking to do. Have to work out how to keep myself sane and happy and cope with getting on with life, hopefully with a bit of quilting time thrown in.
    Personally, I think this move to Dubbo has been the biggest mistake of my life.
    The first time Rod says anything, were out of here.