Sunday, August 14, 2016

I need to buy a heater.

I keep forgetting to buy a heater for the studio. The intention is to put a reverse cycle air conditioner unit out there that will also have an outlet in the main bedroom which is just on the other side of the brick wall. That would save me running the air con for the whole house when I want to heat or cool just our bedroom.
The cold doesn't really bother me. I'd rather freeze than fry. I just put on my favourite beanie when I get cold out there. 
I look like my paternal grandmother, born Millicent Robertson, before she got tiny and frail.

But Rod can't stay out in the studio for long when it's cold. Now that's a shame because he has promised to cut up some of my scraps for me. I have a big Sizzix cutter and a Baby Go Cutter and about a dozen dies. Anyone want to come and do some cutting for me? We can natter while you cut scraps and I cut a quilt, or sew.

Like the box says, you can help yourself before or after you cut it into pieces.

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